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PAILmate, Inc.
Pail Handling Systems

What We Do
PAILmate specializes in solving the unique material handling problems associated with the processing of product contained in plastic pails and containers. We design, engineer, and manufacture a cost-justifiable line of equipment for every function that will get your product into a pail and onto a pallet for shipping.

Why We Do It
We've come to realize that pail handling is predominantly a labor intensive, manual operation, and therefore non-competitive for smaller producers and processors. As time has passed, we have added complementary equipment so that we are now in a position to provide filling, lid dispensing, lid closing, wash tunnels, conveyors, and palletizing equipment. Customers will find us to be a single source supplier for their total pail handling line requirements... or use our products as a 'building block' opportunity to improve their existing facilities or implement their own line.

We've got lots and we want to share it with you! At PAILmate we have been striving to find unique solutions for our customers for over 30 years. We started off designing custom material handling systems, from large factory assembly lines to just a couple of small conveyors. Now we apply our material handling philosophy to our pail handling equipment. This puts us in a unique position to provide useful information, not just about our own equipment, but about how it will fit and work within your existing line. We'll tell you everything you need to know and even some things you didn't think you wanted to know! It's been our experience that a knowledgeable customer is a happy customer. So, ask us anything!

If it isn't cost-justifiable, you probably aren't going to buy it. Pretty simple. So, we design our equipment to be easily cost-justifiable, and we always design to offer as much 'bang for your buck' as possible. Our equipment is heavy duty construction, easily maintained, and always designed with flexibility in mind. We make all our equipment with the option of being mobile, adjustable for more than one size of pail, or lid, and we make the elevation adjustable, in case you replace your 5-foot tall operator with a 6-foot tall operator. We also provide our equipment in both stainless steel/washdown, and painted mild steel construction. We try to cover every eventuality!

How We Can Help You
PAILmate is dedicated to constantly developing and upgrading our equipment to be the very best in it's category. Thorough research & development have led us to expand our product line. If you have a unique application, ask us about it and we will find a way to accommodate your requirements, or come up with an alternative solution.